Travel Smarter with Apple Watch

Now that we’ve launched the TimePorter travel case for Apple Watch, it’s even easier to take your wearable technology on the road with you. You’ve used the map functionality to get around, scanned your messages to make sure there’s nothing urgent back at the office, and checked the weather at your destination but there’s so much more Apple Watch can do to make your journey fun and easy!

Here are the twelve travel apps that are must-have according to the professionals:

  1. TripAdvisor: This app uses location data to provide information about what’s around you including attractions, restaurants and hotels while also making recommendations based on the time of day.
  2. Uber: Although we’re sure you’re familiar with the car service app, it’s addictively easy on your Watch. Open the app, click once, and a car is on the way.
  3. CityMapper: Focused on public transit this app is guaranteed to get you where you need to go as fast as possible. It will even give you a little tap when you’ve arrive at your stop!
  4. Starwood Hotels: Of course this app will only work if you’re staying at one of their properties, but with keyless entry on your wrist you can walk straight to your room and rest after a long flight.
  5. HotelTonight: If you’re more of an on-the-fly traveler this is an absolute must-have. This app will hand-pick a selection of hotels for same day stays and give you the best rate out there.
  6. IHG Translator: Featuring 13 different languages, you can choose from a range of pre-loaded common phrases for travelers or speak directly into the Watch and translations will appear instantly on-screen.
  7. This subscription based security and smart-harm service will enable homeowners to control everything from locks and lights to security systems and thermostats, all from the other side of the world!
  8. Travel List: This is great for packing before you leave for a trip but even better when you inevitably wait until the last minute to pack up at the end of a vacation. Having your entire packing list on your wrist will prevent you from leaving your passport in the hotel safe or your favorite outfit in the closet.
  9.  App In The Air: Touted as a personal flying assistant, you can track your flight, provide gate info and even tell you just how long that unbearable security line is, ensuring you’ll never miss another flight.
  10. Currency: Make sure you know exactly how much you’re spending with this handy little app. Simply define the currencies you want to track on your iPhone and Watch will keep you up to date on the exchange rate or use the built in calculator to convert a specific amount.
  11. Seven: No one wants to take too much time out from a trip to work-out. Stay on track with the seven-minute workout that will also time you and give you a little tap when you should move onto the next exercise.
  12. Find Near Me: Great for quickly finding nearby businesses by category (ATM, restaurant, bar, spa and so on) – it even enables you to use your own search terms via Siri and when a place is selected it usually provides additional details (addresses; maps) and reviews.

Now that your watch is all set-up and ready to go, grab your TimePorter and get started on your next travel adventure!

Twelve South TimePorter travel case for Apple Watch


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