TUAW Reviews BassJump – with audio samples!

There are a handful of great blogs dedicated exclusively to the Mac – and TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) is one of best. It’s on our required daily reading list and should be on yours too. That makes it even cooler that TUAW has reviewed the BassJump. Here are some highlights:

...if you have a need to pump good-quality sound out of a MacBook for a presentation, or just don’t want to be tied to a set of earbuds or headphones when listening to your iTunes library, the BassJump is a great solution.

In some cases, you may feel that the bass sound is too overwhelming. No problem! The system preferences allow you to adjust the crossover frequency and volume for the BassJump, or you can choose one of five presets (Classical, Default, Pop, R&B, and Rock) that optimize the BassJump for a specific music genre.

I think you’ll agree that the BassJump does an incredible job of providing the low frequency sounds that are missing from the built-in MacBook speakers.

By all means, go read the full review and listen to the audio samples posted at TUAW.

TUAW Review and Giveaway: Twelve South BassJump subwoofer for MacBook.

Get more info on BassJump here.

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