Twelve South + iPad 2 Compatibility Update: BookArc for iPad

BookArc for iPad fits the new iPad 2 quite well. Some have even said “BookArc fits iPad 2 even better than before.” BookArc also supports iPad 2 with iPad Smart Cover installed. Again, the main reason you might consider a Smart Cover and a BookArc is that BookArc supports your iPad in Portrait mode as well as Landscape. We much prefer FaceTime in Portrait vs. Landscape, and we think you’ll agree — it feels more natural and just generally works better. Here are the angles and positions BookArc holds iPad 2:

iPad 2 display angles
(using insert 1P)

iPad 2 in display mode (landscape) 76 degrees

iPad 2 in display mode (portrait) 73 degrees

iPad 2 in upright mode (landscape) 85 degrees

iPad 2 in upright mode (portrait) 82 degrees

iPad 2 display angles with various cases
(using insert 2P)

iPad 2 with Smart Cover (portrait) 77 degrees

iPad 2 with Smart Cover (landscape) 80 degrees

For comparison, here’s the iPad 1 Display angle:

iPad 1 in display mode (portrait) 75 degrees

Just say “yes” to your own BookArc for iPad and iPad 2. Get yours right here, right now.

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