Uber-Cool BookBook for iPhone mod — we had to share!

A recent user email from Benjamin said, “I wanted a unique iPhone case.  After reviewing the post of someone else who got the bookbook embossed, my wife decided that we would get the leather laser-etched on the front and back.  The back has my initials.  For the front, we found an embossing from an old 1895 Oratory.  She extracted the image and also had it laser etched.  She then used leather paints to “emboss” it. I know you like to see what your purchasers do with your products and I thought this was too exciting not to share.” You’re absolutely right, Benjamin — it’s super cool and we can’t resist sharing it with everyone. (And how awesome is your wife for doing this?!)

Get your own highly-personalizable BookBook for iPhone here. (Clever wife not included.)


Custom Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

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