Unplggd: BookBook a great gift “for the Literary Guru”

Unplggd Twelve South BookBook for iPad Review

We can certainly relate to Unplggd’s idea of “smarter homes, fewer wires.” After all, who wouldn’t like to use tech to make their home work smarter…yet without all that ug-ug-ugly wire-ishness? (Is that even a word?) Since we can relate, we’re happy they included our BookBook for iPad in their roundup of “iPad and Kindle Covers for the Literary Guru.”

In their words:

“If you’re looking to give someone a high quality leather case this is your best option. This case doubles as a stand, is made from a durable brown leather, and is designed to look like a book you just salvaged from a pirate ship or something. Come to think of it, this could also work well for any of your steampunk friends. It is also advertised as offering additional protection since your iPad is totally concealed within the case when its closed so no one would think to steal it. This fits both generations of the iPad.”

Get your BookBook here and bring that literary guru in your life to their grateful knees, why don’t you?

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