User Email Bag: Is that a BookBook on your Toshiba?!

This just in from the user email bag:

“Sorry to break the news, but my son is using one of your covers for his Toshiba ultrabook. It has an almost identical footprint to the 13.3″ MacBook Air, and I ordered your cover to protect his computer in his backpack as he lugs it around campus all day. It is hopefully rigid enough to prevent undue screen stressing packed in with textbooks, and the mistaken identity of just another textbook will hopefully help it remain in his possession much longer.  He has a regular MacBook from several years ago while still in high school, but he needed something even more portable (and the screen is dying on his MacBook), and his engineering program uses a lot of Windows-based software.  He loves the new cover, so thanks, and no one will know that it is only designed for an Apple! – Dave”

Thanks for sharing your story, Dave. Glad you like BookBook — it does indeed make a terrific Back to School accessory! But on a Toshiba?! Oh well…get your own designed-to-fit MacBook Air BookBook here. (And how you use it is purely your business.)


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