User Email: The Ultimate BookArc Thermal Test

We love to hear from users of our products. This just in from Randy, who purchased a BookArc, and then did some pretty thorough testing of performance while using it. Great stuff!
I just wanted to share some info with you. Before I purchased a BookArc I was concerned about my Macbook Pro heating up with the hinge down. There were many references to this issue on the web. I love the product and need the space, but I also wanted to get the best performance possible.

Therefore I did an experiment. First, I set the MacBook Pro flat on the desk in clamshell mode and started 10 processes (yes > /dev/null &) to get the CPU heating up. I waited for the system fan speed and CPU temperatures to stabilize and recorded the CPU temp and fan speed. After this I put the MacBook in the BookArc with the hinge up and let the system stabilize, recording the same data. Finally, I put the macbook in the BookArc with the hinge down as shown in your ads.

Here are the results:
Flat on desk CPU=86 C Fans=6200
Hinge Up CPU=91 C Fans=6200
Hinge Down CPU=80 C Fans=6200

As you can see, the best thermal performance was achieved in the BookArc with the hinge down. This goes against what some have been writing in the reviews I have read.

The BookArc is functional, attractive and improves the thermal performance of my mac. It is definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone.


Wow, thanks, Randy! We’re convinced! And everyone else, be sure to get your own performance-enhancing BookArc here.

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