User Emailbag: Alaska Political Insider Uses BookBooks!

We have to admit, when we saw the subject line “Alaska Political Insider” we did a double-take and thought: Sarah Palin! And while the email we opened wasn’t from Sarah P, or Bristol (reality show), or her husband (soon to be on a military-style Survivor reality show), it was from Dorene Lorenz, the host of the ABC show “Alaska Political Insider” so we are sure she’s had her fair share of interviews and discussions related to the (in)famous Family P!

Here’s what they’re saying about BookBook on the show:

“Hi, my name is Dorene Lorenz, and I am the host of ABC’s “Alaska Political Insider” — which airs live weekdays from 4-5pm statewide.

I am one of your first customers, and I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product.

Our show is audience interactive, so while I am interviewing politicians, resource development CEOs, baby musk ox, and the Unibomber’s brother and sister-in-law, I am fielding questions and comments from our viewers via text, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Your product allows me to do so in a professional, visually attractive, and — I thought — discreet manner.

Turns out it is anything but discreet.  Every day I field compliments on my BookBook, and inquiries on where to buy them.

Everyone in the newsroom who has an iPhone has one, all of our Macs are clad in them, and those poor unfortunate wretches who opted to use something other than Apple rue the day they made such a poor choice.

Wanted to thank you for making such a great product, offer words of encouragement, and ask that you offer more colors or at least engraving so it is easier for us to tell them apart.”

Sounds like a very active newsroom — we hope those BookBooks have kept your gear safe from all the baby musk oxen around there! (Kidding.) Thanks so much for the feedback — we’ll do our best to keep making products you — and your viewers — will love.

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