What’s Apple Worth? Great Infographic from Mac Format

Since we’re all a little bit graphic design-ish, we love a terrific info graphic as much as the next person…even more, maybe. Here’s a particularly good one from our friends at Mac Format magazine. The lead-in copy is great:

“A space shuttle for every day of the year.

A month of sausage rolls for everyone on Earth.

257 Manchester Uniteds or, if you prefer American football, 343 Dallas Cowboys.

If we were Tim Cook we’d find it hard to resist playing the ‘what would I buy if money was no object?’ game, given that at 1, Infinite Loop it essentially isn’t.

So, as the company heads inexorably towards the world’s first $1 trillion valuation, join us for a look at exactly what you could do with Apple’s $619 billion (that’s £389 billion in the Queen’s money).”


See the whole article here.

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