What’s in a Travel Journal? Macgasm Tells All

Writer Joshua Schnell from Macgasm is no stranger to the BookBook line. Trying them out for a review is one thing. But we’d suggest that the true test of whether a case has *really* become a favorite is whether it’s in use at “crunch time” – like when you’re racing for the plane and you grab that accessory – or not.
Or, in his case, when your beautiful wife is about to give birth to Baby #2.

“Essentially, the BookBook Travel Journal is an overnight bag but for your tech instead of your unmentionable man items. You can pretty much fit everything you might need in it. It’s been a time saver for me,” noted Schnell. “I’ve been keeping mine fully loaded so the only thing I need to do is drop in my iPad and then throw it in my luggage.”

Schnell kept his Travel Journal loaded like his wife had an overnight bag at the ready.  ” …Having something you can keep pre-packed like the BookBook Travel Journal has helped combat my forgetfulness,” he said.

If you’re wondering, our BookBook Travel Journal was on hand for the delivery of Baby Schnell.  Here’s what was inside:

Twelve South BookBook Journal ($99.99)

iPad mini ($366.09)

Lightning cable ($18.00)

Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter ($13.83)

Bose On Ear Headphones ($109.99)

JustMobile 6000mAh battery pack ($86.99)

Twelve South Compass stand for my iPad ($34.99)

SanDisk Cruzer Glide 128 GB USB Flash Drives ($67.12) x 2

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter ($19.00)

A Moshi Stanza Duo pen ($34.99)

A Field Notes notebook ($9.95)

His conclusion? “If you’re someone who is on the go a lot, the BookBook Travel Journal is basically a must have.” We couldn’t agree more. Get your own trip-ready BookBook Travel Journal now. Goes great with PlugBug World and a passport.

(Full article. Photo courtesy of Macgasm.)

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