Why You Need Compass 2 iPad Stand

We’ve heard from quite a few Mac pros that one of the most underrated accessories you can buy for the iPad is a high quality stand that allows you to take advantage of all the uses for your device. With all the new features and benefits, the iPad is no longer a single-purpose tablet. More and more, users are treating it as more of a display, and not just a tablet – you can set it up in the kitchen and read a recipe while you cook, FaceTime hands free with friends and family or set it up next to your “real” computer and use it as a secondary display while you work. With all the ways we incorporate this device into our daily lives you need to have a supurb stand, i.e Compass 2!

Twelve South Compass

The great news about our stand is that it can be used with almost any iPad (from Mini to Pro 9.7″) in both portrait and landscape mode. Use it for hands-free viewing and interacting or flip down the secondary leg and Compass 2 becomes a comfortable typing stand.

Twelve South Compass Typing Stand

Now that you’ve got your new iPad all set up and ready to use, the question arises of what to do with your old tablet. Just because it’s not your daily go-to doesn’t mean it’s obsolete, so grab your Compass 2 stand and try one of these creative re-purposes.

  1. Secondary Monitor: Turn your old iPad into a sleek touch-screen monitor by using a simple app, such as Air Display, and a wi-fi connection.
  2. Photo Frame: Upload all your best memories onto the iPad and create a slideshow the will remind you of all your great times.
  3. Clock: Set up a clock face of your choice by downloading an app such as Alarm Clock or Nightstand Central.
  4. Home Music System: Add a good set of Bluetooth speakers and your iPad becomes your dedicated stereo system. Check out the iHeart Radio app to listen to top stations, or sign up for Spotify to start creating your own playlists.
  5. Sous-Chef: Store all your recipes in the Paprika app and then use your iPad to follow along while you craft delicious meals. (Twelve South Tip: if you want to keep your counter clutter free you could also use our HoverBar to hold your iPad)
  6. Universal Remote Control: Setup your tablet to control your home entertainment, heating, smart bulbs and other web-connected devices.
  7. High Tech Message Board: Have a busy family? Put your old iPad near your front door or in the mudroom and use one of the many available apps to manage schedules, family reminders or notes.
  8. Home Monitoring: Since a majority of home monitoring services now offer live feeds of your security cameras, you can simply run your old iPad as a dedicated monitor.

Twelve South Compass Display Stand

To learn all about Compass 2 click here!

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