Wired: BookBook Makes E-Books Look Like Real Books

Wired featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPad Gadget Lab featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPad


This just in from the December 13 Wired blog GadgetLab: In “Cover Stories: Cases to Make E-Books Look Like Real Books” writer Tim Carmody makes the “case” for beautiful e-reader cases:

“Like books, e-readers and tablets need protection. Their delicate, computer-like screens can get cracked or smashed by the vagaries of life.

And like books, we spend hours staring at these delicate devices. So why not make them look more like books?

We don’t just want to protect tablets and e-readers, but honor and personalize them, and maybe bring back some of the quaint pleasures of reading an old leather-bound volume at the same time.

The most natural way to signal their special status as reading machines and engines of cultural consumption is to borrow what we know from the look and feel of book covers. And if making an e-reader look like an old hardcover book or a composition notebook adds a little trompe l’oeil fun, so much the better.”

And about BookBook in particular:

“Twelve South’s BookBook iPad case packs a little bit of everything. It’s got the colorful, vintage, hand-rubbed slightly-fantasy-like leather look of the Oberon covers and the zippered closure and the bungee straps of the bag-inspired cases that don’t look like books at all. You can close it up tight and throw it in a bag, or pop it open and pretend you’re reading a slender old book.”

Need we say more? If you love your iPad as much as you love reading, BookBook is most certainly the case for you. Get yours here.

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