Youth Ministry Geek on BookBook for iPad: “Conceals in a way that is less distracting”

youth ministry geek reviews Twelve South BookBook for iPad

We’ve heard from a number of ministers, priests, and rabbis about how our BookBook for iPad makes using an iPad in the pulpit more palatable. After all, some of the best apps out there are downright evangelical and so useful for sermons. So when Brandon Early of Youth Ministry Geek reached out with his review, we thought we’d share his thoughts with you. In his words:

Twelvesouth’s BookBook is not the lightest or thinnest but its vintage appearance and feel are awesome and as a speaker it is comfortable to teach from.  I serve at a four generational church and I find that the BookBook conceals my iPad in a way that is less distracting to those around me.  In the past I have been confronted for texting during church when I was actually reading my iPhone Bible.  Now with BookBook no one knows I am on my iPad and I can get my Bejeweled on…jk.  For some of you this may not be a big deal but for others this could be the cover you have been looking for.”

He also mentions that our BookBook for iPad looks traditional enough that it can be used for all kinds of pastoral events — weddings, funerals, hospital visits. And while some might scorn the idea of an iPad for a hospital visit, some might say that a quick round of Angry Birds — or the ability to read lots of books without toting them around — makes a perfect gift for someone who is recovering from surgery.

Thinking of getting an iPad for your tech-obsessed youth minister? Consider BookBook for iPad the perfect accompaniment.

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