Forté for Apple Watch

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When average isn't good enough, there's Forté.

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Forté for Apple Watch is a luxury stand and charging dock carefully designed to match the timeless beauty of Apple Watch, from shape and standards, to fit and finish. Forté elegantly displays your Watch atop the brilliant chrome stand while protecting your band with a buttery soft, top grain leather wrapped base. Forté works seamlessly with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. The 40-degree angle of the Forté arm allows for easy bedside viewing in either Portrait or Nightstand mode. Forté accommodates all Watch bands, from closed-loop Link Bracelets to two-piece styles and Sport models.
  • Creates convenient charging dock in portrait or Nightstand mode
  • Elevates Watch for use while on your nightstand or vanity
  • Elegant leather base pad protects all watchbands
  • Works with Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (not included)

Forté for Apple Watch

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A design in perfect sync.

Nightly charging the easy way.

Right at home in the powder room.

If your nightly ritual involves removing your contacts, brushing your teeth and washing your face - add charging your Apple Watch to the list. Resting your Watch atop Forté keeps your expensive Watch and band safely floating above the vanity surface and any water drops. Your Watch will be beautifully showcased at an angle that allows you to check the time and see notifications as you get ready for work, a workout or to call it a day.

Forté for Apple Watch Specs

Forté for Apple Watch Height: 3.35 inches (85 mm)
Width: 3.26 inches (83 mm)
Depth: 3.77 inches (96 mm)
Weight: 0.77 pounds (351 g)

Watch Display & Angle: 40 degrees 
Apple Watch compatibility: All

Forté for Apple Watch FAQs

You can use Forté with any version of Apple Watch - with any style of band - in both Portrait or Nightstand mode. There are many other stands out there, but most require a compromise or work with only certain styles of Apple Watch. Forté truly can handle any way you wish to use your Apple Watch, and works with ALL styles of Apple Watch you may have now - or get in the future.

The simple integrated cable management makes it easy and convenient to remove your cable when traveling. Simply slip off the polycarbonate chromed ring that secures the charging disk, pull out the disc and cable and go.

The Forté charging disc ring secures the Apple Charging disk in place. It is made of chromed polycarbonate to protect the back of the metal Apple Watch and keep it safe from scratches or direct contact with the metal portions of Forté.

Forté is constructed of top-grain genuine leather on the top of a heavy-duty chrome plated metal alloy. A polycarbonate chromed ring secures the charging disk itself and effectively shields the Apple Watch from any possible contact with the metal construction of Forté.

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