HoverBar Duo

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Creativity gets out of hand with HoverBar Duo!

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HoverBar Duo is a flexible arm that includes a weighted desktop base and adjustable shelf clamp. Use it like a multi-tool to get serious creative work done on an iPad. Use the sturdy shelf clamp in the kitchen to make a prototype video. Flip the stand’s New QuickSwitch Tab and snap the flexible HoverBar arm into the desktop base to finish your presentation.

Available in Black or New Matte White to match your desk or workspace. Level up your iPad game with a HoverBar Duo.

What you’ll love about HoverBar Duo:

  • Holds iPad or iPhone in infinite positions, heights and angles
  • Includes both weighted desktop stand + shelf clamp
  • Hold iPad at eye-level for FaceTime and video conference calls
  • New QuickSwitch Tab allows you to switch between Desktop Base and Adjustable Clamp in seconds (2nd gen)

Creativity gets out of hand with HoverBar Duo!

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HoverBar DuoHoverBar DuoHoverBar Duo

Helping hand in the kitchen.

Follow recipes or make cooking videos more easily knowing your iPad is securely held up off the counter instead of leaning against an olive oil bottle. Clamped under a cabinets or resting on its heavy metal desk stand, HoverBar Duo gives you the freedom to get FaceTime cooking tips from a friend and share a glass of wine for virtual happy hour. We’re sure you’ll cook up a long list of clever ways to use HoverBar Duo.

Free your hands. Unleash the creative possibilities.

The cameras on iPads make creating and streaming amazing videos easier than ever. On your next project, use HoverBar Duo to securely hold iPad or iPhone to capture the perfect angle. Use the flexible arm stand to hold iPad flat to capture your hands drawing or crafting. Set the stand on a table for a guitar lesson. Clamp HoverBar on a workbench to make a “how to” video or set the stand on the floor to capture your TikTok dance moves. Portable, sturdy and stable, HoverBar Duo is an outstanding stand for creating your best video content.

HoverBar Duo Specs

What Fits:

iPad Clip Maximum Width: 220mm (8.68 inches)
iPad Clip Minimum Height: 127mm (5 inches)

Shelf Clamp Maximum Width: 34mm (1.4 inches)
Shelf Clamp Minimum Width: 10mm (0.4 inches)

Fully extended arm length: 15 inches


Compatible with but not limited to:  

iPad (all generations)
iPad Air (all generations)
iPad Pro (all size & generations)
iPad mini (all generations)

iPhone 15 (all)
iPhone 14 (all)
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 12
iPhone SE gen 2 to present
All previous generations from iPhone 6/6s to present

Owner's Manuals: HoverBar Duo (1st gen) Owner's Manual 
HoverBar Duo (2nd gen) Owner's Manual

HoverBar Duo FAQs

What is the difference between HoverBar Duo Gen 1 and the new Gen 2?
Both models share the same adjustable arm and iPad clip. The Gen 2 is available in a beautiful Matte White finish and features a new quick release tab that makes it very quick & easy to switch between the HoverBar desktop base and shelf clamp. This makes it a truly dual-use iPad stand. Use it on your desk with the weighted base all day. Then snap it into the shelf clamp - already attached in the kitchen - to follow a recipe for dinner. The Gen 1 also has both stand options, but you typically decide which option you want initially, then install the desired base or clamp with an included Hex tool. It also is costs $20 less. So, if you really just want one style of stand, Gen 1 is a great choice and will save you some cash.
HoverBar Duo Installation Guide
Can I keep my iPad in its case while using HoverBar?
Most iPads with cases fit in HoverBar. The max dimensions of your combined iPad & case is 8.68-inches wide by .5-inch deep (or thick). There is no max height as the iPad clips hold the sides - not the top - of the iPad. If you know you have a larger bulkier iPad case on a larger iPad Pro model - we encourage you to check the dimensions above before you order.
Can I charge my iPad while using HoverBar?
Yes, HoverBar Duo doesn't block charging ports so you can charge while your iPad is sitting in HoverBar.
Does HoverBar Duo support iPad Mini or iPhone?
Yes. Just use the iPad Clip vertically (top to bottom) - instead of side to side. You can then rotate it into any orientation you like. Pro Tip: To expose the iPhone Camera in back, clip your iPhone off-center - great for hands-free camera projects or hands-free overhead shots.
For iPad mini front facing camera, be sure to push your iPad mini all the way to the front of the clip to avoid any clip interference or shadowing.
Does HoverBar hold other devices like Nintendo Switch and other tablets?
Yes, HoverBar Duo can fit any device with a minimum height of 5inches and a maximum height of 8.68 inches. We love it with Nintendo Switch!
185 reviews
  • Larisa A.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    I absolutely LOVE this product!!!!

    As with all the products I’ve purchased from Twelve South- this one is also awesome!! It’s sturdy, well made, aesthetically a pleasure to look at, just a wonderful product. I Sometimes I even use it just to talk on the phone for long conversations. Instead of holding the phone in my hand for a long time, I can just place the phone there and bring it to the different places around the house (if I need to) and place it on a table or any flat surface. It also helps me to shoot videos and as an additional camera during zoom calls.

    Very sturdy and very beautiful product 💖

    I now know that anything that I purchase from this company is going to be a product of AMAZING quality and delightful appearance. It’s very difficult to find both characteristics in one product.

  • Jeffrey
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    5 Stars

    The HoverBar Duo is great! I wanted something to hold my IPad Pro for FaceTime and Zoom calls and the HoverBar is the perfect holder. I like that you can use the weighted base or the clamp and you change between the two very easily.

  • Christopher
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    5 Stars


  • Clayton
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    5 Stars

    Great device!

  • RAMON J.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Very good product. Excellent quality.

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