HoverBar for iPad

HoverBar for iPad

HoverBar for iPad

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Meet your Mac’s new wingman.

  • Designed for: iPad

Impress friends and officemates with a jaw-dropping, super-futuristic, straight-out-of-Hollywood Mac setup. HoverBar connects iPad to your Mac to create an awesome, Tony Stark-inspired desktop workstation, letting you use iPad as a secondary, touchscreen computer. After hours? DJ station, video game steering wheel, camera tripod? Yes. Get a HoverBar iPad mount and free your imagination.

  • Makes iPad a secondary, touchscreen computer, video conference screen, DJ station, and more
  • Sturdy, silicone-lined clamp won’t mark or damage your Mac, iMac, or Apple display
  • Travels well: mounts onto any surface as a freestanding iPad stand

Elevate your Mac to a

Imagine: With HoverBar floating iPad next to your Mac, you can stream Pandora from their super cool iPad app while you tackle an iMovie project on your 27-inch, wide-screen iMac. While your Mac is running a Keynote show, your iPad can power your go-to smaller screen apps. Why wait for your favorite apps to come to your Mac? Use HoverBar and iPad to bring apps to you.

Customize your Mac workstation.

HoverBar has enough muscle and reach to position iPad above or beside any size Mac. Flex the bar and tilt iPad in any direction to find your favorite viewing position. What could be better than one iPad hovering above your Mac? Having a second beside it.

See what the HoverBar mount can do.

Makes iPad indispensible in the kitchen.

HoverBar is a sweet accessory in the kitchen, attaching to cabinets with a simple clamp that leaves no mark. Pop open your favorite recipe or cooking app, or stream a how-to video while your iPad floats safely above the counter, away from splatters, spills and floury concoctions.

Makes iPad more useful.

HoverBar presents more ways to use iPad more often. Collaborate on a project with FaceTime, monitor the weather and interact with your favorite apps. This iPad mount rescues iPad from the computer bag.

Inspires fun.

Attach HoverBar to a table to create a mini, minimalistic workstation wherever you want. Even better, the sturdy, two-way clamp positions HoverBar upright so you can stand and jam with DJ and music apps, or launch a racing game and use HoverBar as a fixed steering wheel. HoverBar is useful in so many ways, we can't wait to see how it fits into your world.

“Every now and then a product comes along that’s so crazy, yet so stunningly simple, that it becomes an instant classic.”

Ben Harvell Macworld

HoverBar Specs

Maximum thickness of two-way clamp

1 inch (25.4 mm)

Length of HoverBar arm

22 inches (559 mm)

iPad Compatibility

iPad 2
iPad (3rd gen.)
iPad (4th gen.)

What’s in the box

iPad display clip with collar
Two-way mounting clamp
HoverBar arm
Allen wrench
Silicone pad
Cable manager clips
Owner's Guide


HoverBar FAQs

Will you be making a HoverBar for iPad mini / iPad Air?

Yes we will! An updated HoverBar that includes compatibilty for iPad Air and iPad mini will be avaialbe soon (click here to sign up to be notified once it's available). Already have a HoverBar and want to add iPad Air or mini compatibility to your existing flexable arm? Clips for iPad mini and iPad Air are now available! Click here to order.

I already have a HoverBar for iPad, but now have an iPad Air/iPad mini. Can I buy the iPad clip separately to add compatibility?

Yes. Clips for iPad mini and iPad Air are now available (must have HoverBar for iPad). Click here to order.

Is there any benefit to owning a HoverBar if I only have an iPad?

You bet. HoverBar makes an excellent stand alone display for iPad. Attach HoverBar to a table and pair an external keyboard and mouse and now you have a micro workstation. Used upright, your iPad can be used for interacting with DJ, piano and other music apps.

Is the HoverBar arm omnidirectional, or does it have limited movement?

HoverBar has a strong arm that flexes in all directions. A ball tip holds the iPad clip, allowing you to swivel and tilt it, giving you additional viewing angles and options.

Where can I get that same Mac+iPad wallpaper on your site for my own HoverBar setup?

Choose the appropriate wallpaper size for your Mac below:

Download HoverBar Wallpaper for 21.5-inch iMac 
Download HoverBar Wallpaper for 27-inch iMac
Download HoverBar Wallpaper for LED Cinema Display/ Apple Thunderbolt Display

To install, select (but do not open) the file for your device and configuration (for example, if you have a 27" iMac with your iPad positioned to the right of the display, choose Display/iMac 27 right). Right click, scroll all the way down and select Set Desktop Picture.

For iPad, select the file for iPad and your configuration (in this example, it would be iPad right), and save the image to your photos. Tap the bottom left arrow, and select "Use as Wallpaper"

Why would I want to float my iPad next to my Mac?

HoverBar creates the ultimate Apple multi-computing workstation by floating iPad next to any iMac or Apple Display. While your Mac is running Mail, Pages or Keynote, your iPad can display a FaceTime chat, Twitter or your favorite live weather app.

Will HoverBar work with my iPad Smart Cover?

HoverBar works with Apple's Smart Cover, but does not work with shells or cases that add bulk or material to the back of the iPad.

Will HoverBar leave marks on my Mac or furniture?

No, the heavy-duty metal clamp has thick silicone cushioning to make sure your Mac and furniture are safe from scratches.

Is HoverBar hard to install?

No. To attach HoverBar to a Mac, table or cabinet, simply slide the clamp into position and tighten with the included allen wrench. To insert iPad into the secure clip, place the bottom corners of iPad into the frame, gently clip the top of the iPad into the frame to secure. Then you can position iPad wherever you want it. No drilling, no screws, no furniture damage and no commitment.

I use my MacBook Pro with a non-Apple display. Is there a way I can still use HoverBar?

Sure. Rather than attaching HoverBar to the back of your monitor, you can simply attach it to the edge of your desk and float iPad near your monitor or over your MacBook.

Does HoverBar for iPad work with the new iPad (4th gen.)?

Yes, HoverBar for iPad is fully compatible with the recently released iPad with Retina display (4th gen).

Can I use HoverBar with my first generation iPad?

No, unfortunately HoverBar is not compatible with the first-generation iPad.

Does HoverBar work with the new iMac (released in November 2012)?

Yes and no. HoverBar works great with the new 27-inch iMac, and still makes a great sidekick to your Mac. The 21.5-inch iMac, however, is now much lighter than the previous generation, so we cannot recommend using HoverBar attached directly to the 21.5-inch iMac. The newest 21.5-inch iMac is so thin and light, the combination can become unstable. Instead, consider attaching HoverBar to the edge of your desk or a nearby shelf.

How does HoverBar work in the kitchen?

HoverBar is a super convenient kitchen accessory. It lets you position your iPad at eye-level, so you can follow your favorite recipe apps or stream a cooking video while you prepare dinner. More importantly, your iPad hovers above the counter, away from a wet, messy counter and out of your workspace. HoverBar is easy to connect to your kitchen cabinets. All you have to do is choose a location and tighten a clamp. No drills or screws go into your cabinets.

How to install your HoverBar for iPad (video)


Can I use HoverBar and my iPad to create a secondary monitor?

Absolutely. Our favorite dual-screen app at Twelve South is Air Display by Avatron Software. Two other options are iDisplay by SHAPE Services and Mirror Display by Phyar Studio.