Gifts for Dads & Grads

Whether you’re entering the brave new world of academia or simply braving parenthood, one thing's for sure - you’re going to need help! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite accessories that make your daily workload a little more manageable, comfortable, and stylish.



Clear Desk, Full Heart, Can’t Lose.
When it comes to your desk, it’s all about making your setup as comfortable and productive as possible. HiRise Pro allows you to lift your screen to a more ergonomically-friendly height while also acting as a gear garage for your various desk ephemera (flexing our SAT words 😉). For those who are easily distracted, a clean desk is key. In addition to HiRise’s storage options, BackPack is a great way to keep your setup tidy by hiding external hard drives or USB peripherals. You may be finished carrying a backpack, but your iMac could use one!



Level Up Your MacBook
Graduating to the latest MacBook? You may be saying goodbye to some tried and true ports. StayGo allows you to connect all the peripherals you need, like Ethernet, HDMI or USB-A backup drives, but with a cord long enough to neatly tuck it away and keep the front of your workspace clean and tidy. It’s good to stay in touch with old friends. For those video conference calls and online classes, Curve desktop stand is a must-have! When combined with an external keyboard and mouse, Curve allows you to create a true desktop setup with your MacBook - lifting your screen to a more comfortable height and preventing your co-workers or classmates from staring up your nose during your next video call. It’s all about angles!



Flexibility is key.
iPad is a versatile tool that can be used for many different tasks and projects. With that in mind, we designed our Compass Pro stand to provide three unique angles that will support you and your iPad in all of your endeavors. Best of all, Compass Pro allows you to use your iPad in Landscape OR Portrait mode. This offers unique functionality that you may be missing out on. Paired with Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2, your iPad can function as a veritable MacBook replacement when the need arises. To ensure that desk stays neat and tidy, MagicBridge allows you to combine your Keyboard and Trackpad - perfect for typing in your lap or moving your workstation around more easily.  



It's All In the Details
Keep your academic spirit alive with BookBook vol. 2, the 3-in-1 iPhone wallet case that allows you to carry your cards and cash with you when you need it, or just the shell when you’re traveling light. Use BookBook as a hands-free display stand for when you’re sharing a video with a friend. For an executive level desk, you need accessories with style and gravitas. HiRise Wireless is a luxurious wireless charging stand that keeps your screen upright while charging so you don’t miss important (or not so important) notifications.  


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