BookArc for iPad

BookArc for iPad

BookArc for iPad & iPad mini

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A tabletop home just for iPad.

Designed exclusively for iPad, the BookArc Stand for iPad is a beautiful slice of heavy gauge steel that provides a perfect perch for any size iPad. BookArc for iPad uses a soft silicone insert to hold iPad at a comfortable viewing angle, safely up off a table or desk. BookArc is perfect for hands-free use of iPad. In fact, we think BookArc will help you get even more use out of your iPad.

Get more use from your iPad.

BookArc blows up the possibilities of your iPad. In the kitchen, BookArc elevates iPad up off the counter, away from spills and mess, while you swipe through recipes or stream a cooking video. At the breakfast bar, BookArc lets you enjoy FaceTime hands-free. Move this multi-use stand into the living room and with your Apple TV, use Airplay to stream your favorite shows via apps like HBO Go to your big-screen TV, while iPad kicks back in BookArc. Think of BookArc as your iPad's comfy recliner - right next to yours.

Can your dock go widescreen?

BookArc gives you the option to view movies, photos and apps in widescreen, the way they’re meant to be seen, something other iPad docks can’t do. Place iPad in BookArc and pair it with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. You’ll have an instant work station for tackling spreadsheets in Numbers and taming your inbox in Mail. Or use in landscape to view those amazing vacation photos, movies or your favorite online webisodes.

At home. Even at work. 

Why leave iPad in your bag while at work? Place BookArc on your desk, next to your computer, and use iPad as a second screen for following stocks, weather or Twitter while you focus on the big screen. Use BookArc in the conference room to stream a Keynote to a big screen or pair with a wireless keyboard for an instant workstation. BookArc holds iPad in portrait or landscape mode, so working in Pages is just as convenient as working on a spreadsheet in Numbers.

Easy does it.

BookArc makes it easy to interact with iPad. Just reach out and touch, swipe or pinch the iPad touchscreen to navigate and operate your iPad. When you’re ready to play games or use apps that require more aggressive handling or movement, just grab iPad out of your BookArc and go. When you’re done, set iPad back in your BookArc to store and charge. Your iPad will feel right at home sitting in BookArc for iPad.

BookArc Specs

BookArc for iPad

Height: 1.8 inches (4.6 cm)
Width: 3.94 inches (10 cm)
Depth: 7.56 inches (19.2 cm)
Weight: 15.8 ounces (448 g)

What’s in the box

BookArc stand for iPad
Silicone fit inserts
Owner's Guide


BookArc FAQs

Can I charge my iPad with the BookArc for iPad?

BookArc for iPad is a stand that allows easy access to the charging port on iPad, regardless of what position your iPad is in. Simply connect your iPad charger to the Dock Connector from underneath or from the side - depending on the orientation you have placed your iPad.

Should I get BookArc or Compass for my iPad?

BookArc for iPad is a beautiful, sturdy iPad stand designed to fit in perfectly at home or the office. When combined with iPad, it creates a sculpture-like configuration that makes a perfect home workstation, charging stand or even digital picture frame. It is not however, particularly portable. It stays on your counter or desk at home when your iPad is on the go. 

Compass is the ultimate mobile stand for iPad. It folds out to give you an easel-like display for your iPad in Portrait or Widescreen mode. It even can lean down and become the perfect typing wedge when using the iPad on-screen keyboard. When not in use, Compass folds up into a pocket friendly 7x1 inch package - even slipping into an included padded travel sleeve. 

Which Twelve South iPad stand is right for you depends on where you use your iPad most. Is your iPad always by your side during your travels and business trips? Then the ultra-portable Compass is your must-have iPad accessory. However, if your iPad is more of a homebody, used for consuming media, watching movies and YouTube videos , keeping up with Facebook friends and reading books, BookArc may be the perfect work of art to hold your iPad, when you’re done holding your iPad. 

Of course the ultimate solution might be to have a Compass and a BookArc!