The HiRise Family

Rise to the occasion.

HiRise stands are designed exclusively to do what fixed stands can’t, elevate MacBooks & iMacs to your most comfortable viewing height. HiRise for iPhone and iPad is designed for hands-free use and adjusts to accomodate the most rugged cases.

Providing convenience and then some.

Along with improved ergonomics, HiRise for MacBook allows you to align your MacBook with your external display. HiRise for iMac has removable faceplates that reveal a secret storage area for small hard drives or your wallet and keys. HiRise for iPhone and iPad turns your lightning cable into a convenient desktop charging stand, which is perfect for hands-free use of your phone or tablet.


  • iMac/Cinema Display
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPad
  • iPhone

HiRise for MacBook works with all Apple MacBook and MacBook Air models. HiRise for iMac is compatible with all iMacs, Thunderbolt and Apple Cinema Displays with an L-shaped stand. As the name suggests, HiRise for iPhone and iPad works with its namesakes. Let HiRise rise to the occasion for you.