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One plug. Two chargers. Tres cool.

  • Designed for: MacBook iPad iPhone

PlugBug is a 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter, creating a totally unique, all-in-one, dual charger for MacBook + iPad or iPhone. That means you can charge your MacBook + iPad or iPhone at the same time using one wall outlet. Remarkably simple and elegantly designed, this go anywhere power pack means one less charger to carry and one less wall outlet to find. PlugBug simplifies your life in a way you never imagined. Getting a new 2015 MacBook? You will need a PlugBug. Here's why.

One accessory lets you charge two devices at once.

PlugBug is made exclusively for all MacBook Power Adapters, including current and previous models. Snap PlugBug onto your MacBook Power Adapter and you now have the first ever device that lets you charge your MacBook + iPad or iPhone simultaneously, from one wall outlet. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use PlugBug.

Charge your iPad fast.

The beautifully designed, bright red PlugBug packs a powerful 2.1-Amp of power, providing a quick charge to iPad and iPhone. Knowing iPad requires twice the power of a typical USB charger, PlugBug becomes a must-have Mac accessory. Between flights or before work, you can charge your MacBook + iPad or iPhone with PlugBug and one wall outlet.

PlugBug lets you declutter.

When you connect PlugBug to your MacBook Power Adapter you instantly have an all-in-one MacBook + iPad/iPhone charger. You can finally purge that tangled mess of chargers in your computer bag. Even better, as long as you have PlugBug in your bag, you never have to worry about forgetting a charger again. And, powering up with PlugBug beats using a $2,500 MacBook Pro as an iPhone charger.

Stand out, stand alone charger.

Only need to charge your iPad or iPhone? No worries. PlugBug works as a stand-alone wall charger too. Slide PlugBug off your MacBook power supply and slip on the included cap to use PlugBug as an extra iPad charger. A solid 2.1-Amp of power ensures your iPad gets charged fast. The bright red finish makes it easy to spot PlugBug inside your backpack, computer bag or purse.

International power converter.

Travelers visiting the US or Canada from far away places can use PlugBug to convert an international MacBook Power Adapter into a North American compatible adapter. Live or travel outside the US? Check out PlugBug World, an international version of PlugBug that includes five AC plugs for worldwide use.

Introducing PlugBug from Twelve South.

“Twelve South took a charger -- and used the Apple adage to "Think Different" to create something that is extremely useful and attractive.”

Steve Sande, engadget

“A truly useful, beautiful and well made gadget, the PlugBug is easy to recommend.”

Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web

PlugBug Specs


Height: 2.1 inches (5.33 cm)
Width: 2.57 inches (6.53 cm)
Depth: 1.14 inches (2.9 cm)
Weight: 0.15 pounds (.069 kg)


Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapter
Apple MagSafe Power Adapter
USB-C Power Adapter

What’s in the box

PlugBug USB charger
PlugBug cover
Owner's Guide


PlugBug FAQs

My MacBook already has USB ports I can use for charging. Why would I want a PlugBug?

More Power. The iPad requires much more power than a standard USB device. Most MacBook USB ports do not charge iPad at full speed - some older MacBooks, not at all. The PlugBug provides the extra power needed to charge your iPad fast. At home, a slow overnight charge of your iPad from your MacBook might not be a big deal. But between flights, or in-between meetings, charging an iPad as much as you can - as fast as possible - can be a really big deal. In situations like this, PlugBug can be a life-saver. 

More Ports. The newest MacBook Airs have only two USB ports. Connect a hard drive, a Wacom tablet, an Ethernet adapter, a travel mouse... We think the limited USB ports are too precious to waste charging your iPhone. Or here’s our personal pet peeve: Have you ever plugged in your $2000 MacBook Pro - just to use it to charge your iPhone? We've done that (and thought that was kind of silly) so we invented PlugBug. 

More Convenience. If you have a MacBook and an iPad - you probably carry two power adapters - one for each. PlugBug combines this into one dual-charging device. One less thing to carry, one less charger to forget! And only one free outlet needed in a crowded airport or coffee shop. 

To summarize, using a PlugBug vs your MacBook USB ports for charging offers more power, more free USB ports and more convenience. You could use your MacBook to charge your iOS devices in some situations, but we think PlugBug is a smarter, more elegant and simple solution. And isn’t that the same reasons we use a MacBook in the first place?

Is PlugBug compatible with the new MagSafe 2 Power Adapter?

Yes. PlugBug is fully compatible with the new MagSafe 2 Power Adapters included with the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and recently updated MacBook Air line (mid 2012).

Will PlugBug charge my iPod or other USB devices?

Yes. PlugBug will charge ‘any’ USB chargeable devices like bluetooth headsets, iPods, non-Apple smartphones, etc. Simply connect your USB charging cable to PlugBug and plug the charger into any wall outlet for a stand-alone charger, or snap PlugBug onto your MacBook Power Adapter for the ultimate "all-in-one" charger.

Will PlugBug fit my older MacBook Power Adapter?

PlugBug fits all current AND previous MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Power Adapters. It even fits other Apple products like the Apple Battery Charger, Airport Express, iPad Charger and even older Apple USB Chargers - anything that uses the white removable 'duck-head' part for its power plugs - PlugBug fits!

Will there be an International PlugBug?

Yes. Check out the PlugBug World for your international charging needs!

Is PlugBug compatible with the iPad mini?

Yes, PlugBug works great with iPad mini, and will actually charge your iPad mini faster than the included charger. How? PlugBug packs 10 watts of power (twice as much power when compared to the included 5 watt iPad mini charger) giving you a much faster charge for your mini.