SurfacePad for MacBook

SurfacePad for MacBook

SurfacePad for MacBook — Pro — Red Pop — 13” SurfacePad for MacBook — Pro — Red Pop — 15” SurfacePad for MacBook — Air — Red Pop — 13” SurfacePad for MacBook — Air — Red Pop — 11”
  • 11-inch Air
  • 13-inch Air
  • 13-inch Pro
  • 15-inch Pro

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Give your MacBook first class comfort.

SurfacePad for MacBook is a razor thin layer of premium Napa leather that cushions and protects the wrist rest area of your MacBook, while giving your notebook a distinctive new look. The cushy leather SurfacePad makes long hours on your MacBook at the office, coffee shop or at 35,000 feet amazingly more comfortable.

Leather layer of protection.

SurfacePad is designed to shield your MacBook from occupational hazards like watches, metal wristbands and bracelets. It also does a superb job preventing dirt and grime from accumulating at the most touched part of your MacBook. SurfacePad helps keep your MacBook in like-new condition so you're ready for your inevitable MacBook upgrade. At resale time, a cleaner pre-owned MacBook is a more valuable MacBook.

Warm leather work surface.

SurfacePad provides a soft, warm, luxury leather cushion for your wrists, which is much more comfortable than the cold, aluminum typing surface of MacBook. A soft, cushiony work surface makes building that Keynote presentation or taming a lengthy Pages document a lot easier on the wrists. Once you start using SurfacePad, you’ll find you can’t live without it

Light as a feather. Just for MacBook.

SurfacePad is custom tailored exclusively for MacBook. The feather light layer of soft leather installs across the wrist rest area of MacBook, adding virtually zero weight or bulk to the ultra-thin notebook. Even the triangular SurfacePad packaging is micro-sized, using less paper and resulting in lower shipping costs.

You'll never know it was there.

SurfacePad has a light adhesive on the back that holds it in place. If you don’t get SurfacePad perfectly positioned on the first try, simply peel it up and try again until you’re happy with its placement. If one day you decide to remove SurfacePad from your MacBook, you’ll find nothing but a bright, shiny like-new Mac finish underneath. SurfacePad leaves no trace. No sticky residue or glue will be left behind.

“The SurfacePad is a simple product, but one that adds so much comfort for the MacBook Air user.”

Steve Sande, engadget

“One of my favorite MacBook Air accessories to date.”

Josh Smith,

SurfacePad Specs


MacBook Air:

11" MacBook Air (Late 2010-current)
13" MacBook Air (Late 2010-current)

MacBook Pro:
13" MacBook Pro (Mid 2009-current)
15" MacBook Pro (Late 2008-Mid 2012)

Not compatible with the 12" MacBook (early 2015)

What’s in the box

SurfacePad for MacBook


SurfacePad FAQs

Is SurfacePad compatible with the new MacBook Pro with Retina display?

No, SurfacePad is not compatible with either the 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apple does not recommend using wrist guards on the MacBook Pro w/ Retina display, but other Macs including all MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are unaffected by this recommendation.

Is SurfacePad too thick to allow my MacBook to close properly?

No way. SurfacePad is ultra thin and doesn’t interfere with your MacBook closing or going to sleep like it normally does.

Why is there space left uncovered from the edge of my MacBook to the start of SurfacePad?

Your MacBook has a rubber gasket just inside the edge of the monitor (check it out - it's easier to feel than to see). It is this soft gasket that actually rests against the keyboard deck when you close your MacBook. The SurfacePad's inset shape is specifically designed to clear this very important contact point and let your MacBook close and go into sleep mode normally, without any interference from SurfacePad. That is the reason for this slight inset in the overall SurfacePad shape.

If I remove my SurfacePad, with there be sticky stuff when I remove it?

No. SurfacePad uses a high-tech light adhesive to hold it in place. When removed, it leaves no trace of residue behind - only a like-new MacBook underneath.