BookArc möd

A stand that coordinates with your room as well as it matches your MacBook.

BookArc möd is a meticulously crafted hardwood MacBook stand that blurs the lines between furniture and technology. Inspired by the remarkable spaces many MacBook owners inhabit, this beautiful arc-shaped stand elevates your MacBook up off your desk for a clean workspace. 

Streamline your setup with BookArc:

  • Holds MacBook vertically to save valuable workstation real estate
  • Elevates your MacBook away from accidents or spills
  • Creates a clutter free workspace to improve focus and productivity
  • Compatible with most MacBook models, including the new MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3.
BookArc möd  for MacBook, Twelve South - Twelve South

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BookArc Mod Vertical Stand for MacBook | Twelve South

A compact notebook. A comfortable desktop.

Two screens have you seeing double?

Do you have two screens (your MacBook Display and an external Display) fighting for desktop space and your attention? Try making your external Display your only Display by closing your MacBook and running it in Closed Clamshell mode. Just like that, you have a minimal, more spacious workspace and more importantly, your eyes will be focused on one screen, rather than bouncing between two. Your MacBook parked in BookArc möd can help you stay laser-focused on the project before you, while freeing up valuable desk space. You’re welcome.

BookArc möd Specs

BookArc möd for MacBook

13-inch MacBook Pro USB-C
15-inch MacBook Pro USB-C

A1706, A1708

11-inch MacBook Air
13-inch MacBook Air

A1370, A1465
A1369, A1466

13-inch MacBook Pro Retina 
15-inch MacBook Pro Retina 

A1425, A1502

BookArc möd FAQs

Many reasons, but basically it boils down to wanting a portable notebook on the road, and a comfortable desktop computer at home. Using your MacBook closed on a BookArc while connected to your favorite widescreen monitor, keyboard and mouse is truly the best of both worlds.

The 12-inch MacBook is one of the thinnest they've ever made, so although the new insert for BookArc möd is compatible with the 12-inch, it's not a perfect fit. You can absolutely still use your BookArc but there will be a slight lean when you place your 12-inch MacBook into the new insert.

According to Apple, all MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Air and PowerBook G4s can work in Closed Clamshell mode. More info directly from Apple can be read here.

If they aren't one of our dual-screen backgrounds or a standard Apple background, they are most likely downloaded from one of our favorite photography sites called Unsplash! You can view the collection of images that we have used over the years on our curated page. Check back as we will continue to update our collection the more images we use!

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