The perfect place for iPhone 12 to charge and chill.

Meet Stone’r, your iPhone’s new favorite place to chill out and recharge after a long day. Stone’r is a weighted marble base that holds your MagSafe Charger in place so you can grab your iPhone with one hand, without the charging disc sticking to it. The elegant Stone’r, crafted from Banswara White Marble, also dresses up your MagSafe Charger and keeps it from slipping to the floor. If you’re looking for a new high in iPhone 12 charging, pick up a Stone’r today. 

Why get yourself a Stone’r?

  • Elegant marble charging base for iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger
  • Lets you pick up iPhone without picking up the charging disc 
  • Keeps MagSafe Charger from slipping to floor when not in use
  • Made exclusively for the Apple MagSafe Charger (not included), the fastest way to wirelessly charge iPhone 12 or 12 Pro

Stone'r was a limited edition product that will not be restocked. Check out our Forté stand for another awesome (and available) option!

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Happy April Foo… wait. What if we made Stone’r for real!

We loved the concept of our April Fool's product so much that we decided if there was enough interest, we would order a limited run and make it a reality. And our customers came through big time, fully funding this pipe dream! Its arrival has been highly anticipated and we are thrilled to announce that Stone'r is here! Pick one up for you and your buds, only while supplies last.

Share Stone’r with your buds and help make this happen!
August 17th: Wow, Stone'r sold out in just a few hours! Thank you so much for your support, you wild and crazy guys! ❤️

August 17th: All pre-orders have been fulfilled and now Stone'r is going public - while it lasts! Snag yours fast before they're gone for good.💨

August 3rd: Stone'r is high in the sky right now ✈️ and we're expecting it to come down next week. Once received, it'll be on its way to you in a jiffy!

April 20th: We've received 💯 % funding and Stone'r is totally happening!

April 19th: Only two days left! 😱 Order your Stone'r now to save $5!

April 5th: We've reached 50% funding. 🙌 Stone'r is starting to feel real, folks!

April 1st: Get Stone'r for $5 off during our fundraising pre-order! Shop it while it's hot. 🔥

A happy place for MagSafe

To be blunt...

Rock solid and reliable.

Stone'r Specs

Coming Soon

Stone'r FAQs

Yes, Stone'r is a real product concept and if we can get enough pre-orders we will make a short production run. Pledge your support with a pre-order and when we pass 100% - it’s on! In the unlikely event that we don’t reach the required minimum, we will refund your order immediately. But that would be a bummer - so pre-order now and save $5!

Quarried from mines in North India, Banswara white marble is known for its pristine quality and glossiness. Each stone features its own unique strains of black and purple, making your Stone'r one of a kind.

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