Still Making Stuff.

Hi friends,

First and foremost, we hope you are staying healthy and safe through this unprecedented global pandemic. Please follow the CDC recommended guidelines to reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19. If you feel the slightest bit unwell, visit the excellent  COVID-19 App from Apple to see what, if any, additional steps might be necessary.

That said, the second disaster is economic. Twelve South is a small business in Charleston, SC. We, like so many other companies, were immediately impacted when almost every brick-and-mortar retail store in the world closed their doors in March. We are onboard with the aggressive actions to protect people’s health, despite the financial ramifications for Twelve South and millions of other businesses across the globe.

Due to the outbreak, millions of people instantly began working from home, making online stores like a lifeline for them - and us. We have always created incredible tools to help people make their home workspace more comfortable and healthier. In March we made the call to put all of our home office tools on sale, making them even more accessible to as many Working-From-Home teams as possible - like our own.

We will continue to design, manufacture and release unique tools and accessories to help make using your tech gear and gadgets more effective and efficient - for as long as we can – because that’s what we do. When you purchase Twelve South products, you support this mission. You allow us to take care of our team here in South Carolina and give us the ability to soldier on and continue to create innovative stands, cases, chargers and more which may make a small part of your world better, healthier and happier.

From everyone at Twelve South, thank you so much for your continued support and business.

Andrew Green / Twelve South