BookBook Rutledge

BookBook Rutledge

BookBook Rutledge Edition for Macbook — Air — 11” BookBook Rutledge Edition for Macbook — Air — 13” BookBook Rutledge Edition for Macbook— Retina — 13” BookBook Rutledge Edition for Macbook — Retina — 15” BookBook Rutledge Edition for iPad — mini BookBook Rutledge Edition for iPad — Air BookBook Rutledge Edition for Macbook — 12”
  • 11-inch Air
  • 12-inch MacBook
  • 13-inch Air/Pro
  • 13-inch Retina
  • 15-inch Retina
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini

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Artisan leather case for iPad Air, iPad mini and MacBook.

  • Designed for: MacBook Air MacBook Pro MacBook Pro with Retina iPad mini iPad Air

BookBook Rutledge Edition is the most distinctive version of our unique BookBook family. The Rutledge is tailored from premium leather and each mesmerizing cover is a unique work of art. No two look exactly alike. Like our other BookBook models, this beauty features two hardback covers, a rigid spine and a velvety soft padded interior to protect your device. While the case protects your iPad or MacBook, the design protects your unique sense of style. The Rutledge Edition is available for iPad Air, iPad mini and MacBook.

  • Beautiful on the outside. Feature-packed on the inside
  • Swing out the iPad to create a hands-free display stand
  • Flip out the built-in kickstand to create a sturdy typing stand
  • There's even a notch to pull down Notification Center

Rutledge BookBook for iPad Air and iPad mini.

The Rutledge Edition BookBook is more than just a beautiful case to protect iPad. BookBook Rutledge doubles as a hands-free display stand with 30 degrees of angle adjustment, so you can clearly see the person you’re FaceTiming with or the movie you’re streaming. Rutledge also has a  built-in typing stand so you can keep up on emails, Facebook updates and tackle documents in Pages. Just for iPad, Rutledge has special touches, like a small notch in the support frame that allows you to access Notification Center in iOS 7. Rutledge is a unique, ultra light and super slim way to personalize and protect your iPad Air or iPad mini. 

  • Beautiful & protective on the outside. Functional on the inside
  • Sunburst hues: Rock-n-Roll inspired, made just for Apple
  • Each cover is tanned and hand-finished, making each one unique

We re-wrote the book on finishing leather.

The remarkable design on each Rutledge is a story in itself. We developed an entirely new technique for applying multiple layers of color, then carefully removing selected elements – revealing a radiant tapestry of hues and patterns. Each cover reveals a slightly different finish, as the brilliant tones follow the natural grain of the leather itself. This creates a premium  yet distinctive look you won’t see on any other “me too” case or sleeve. BookBook Rutledge is a show stopper – and conversation starter – at the same time.

Beautiful way to disguise your MacBook. 

One of the best features of owning a BookBook is that it keeps your expensive MacBook out of sight. People will see a vintage book sitting on the coffee shop counter or front seat of your car, not your MacBook. We have many letters from customers telling us their car or home was broken into but thankfully their MacBook was left behind, only because it was hidden inside a BookBook. 

Like no other MacBook case.

BookBook Rutledge Edition works as an attached MacBook case or as a slip-in sleeve. As an attached case, two soft elastic bands gently grab the corners of your MacBook screen, holding it in place while you work. Leather zipper pulls give the appearance of a bookmark, while gold foil accents add to the design of Rutledge BookBook. 

Made to protect the story of your life. 

The Rutledge Edition for MacBook is more than just a pretty face. It has two hardback covers with reinforced corners and a rigid spine to protect your MacBook from impacts and drops. A soft padded interior cushions your Mac, while protecting its finish. Dual zippers keep BookBook closed, while still allowing you to charge your MacBook stored safely inside. 

Behind the Scenes: BookBook Rutledge Shoot

BookBook Rutledge Specs

11" Air

Compatible with:
11-inch MacBook Air (Late 2010-Current)

Height: 12.3 inches (312 mm)
Width: 8.3 inches (211 mm)
Depth: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
Weight: 14.1 ounces (400 g)

13" Air/Pro

Compatible with:
13-inch MacBook Air (Early 2008-Current)
13-inch MacBook Pro (Mid 2009-Current)

Height: 13.4 inches (340 mm)
Width: 9.8 inches (249 mm)
Depth: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
Weight: 18 ounces (510 g)

13" Retina

Compatible with:
13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display (Late 2012-Current)

Height: 13 inches (330 mm)
Width: 9.3 inches (236 mm)
Depth: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
Weight: 16.9 ounces (480 g)

15" Retina

Compatible with:
15-inch MacBook Pro (Late 2008-Current)
15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display (Mid 2012-Current)

Height: 14.9 inches (378 mm)
Width: 10.5 inches (266 mm)
Depth: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
Weight: 20.8 ounces (590 g)

iPad mini

Compatible with:
iPad mini
iPad mini with Retina Display

Height: 8.75 inches (222 mm)
Width: 6 inches (152 mm)
Depth: 0.75 inches (19 mm)
Weight: 8 ounces (226.8 g)

iPad Air

Compatible with:
iPad Air

Height: 10 inches (260 mm)
Width: 7.5 inches (190 mm)
Depth: 0.9 inches (23 mm)
Weight: 16 ounces (453.6 g)

BookBook Rutledge FAQs

Will you be making a BookBook Rutledge for the new 12-inch MacBook?

Yes, we will be making a Rutledge BookBook for the new 12-inch MacBook, which will be available this Fall. To be alerted when the new BookBook is available, please sign up here.

If you would like a BookBook before then however, the 11-inch MacBook Air model does fit the new 12-inch MacBook nicely. To get an idea for overall fit, check out the photo below. As you can see there is extra room on left and right, but the MacBook does not move around in the case during use.

Is BookBook for iPad Air compatible with the iPad Air 2?

The BookBook for iPad Air currently available fits the new Air 2, however the camera lens is slightly occluded by the camera hole in the sleeve, and the ambient light sensors are covered. These things don’t bother some people, but for others, they’re a deal-breaker.

Although it is possible that we will offer a BookBook specifically for the iPad Air 2 sometime in the future, we do not currently have one available and are not yet in a position to predict when they might become available. If you would like to be alerted of any updates regarding a BookBook specifically for iPad Air 2, please sign up here.

Will the 15-inch Rutledge BookBook for Retina fit my non-Retina Pro?

Yes, the Rutledge BookBook will fit your non-Retina Pro if it is a unibody (black-key, late 2008 to present) MacBook Pro.

What is the benefit to keeping my MacBook inside BookBook?

Chances are there is a lot of valuable information on your MacBook, including documents, photos, music and videos. The best way to guard those important files is to back them up regularly (with a program like Time Machine) and keep your Mac stored in a hardback case like BookBook.

How is BookBook different from other cases?

Along with a totally unique look, BookBook protects your MacBook in three ways. First, its hardback sides with reinforced corners protect from impacts encountered on your daily commute. Second, the vintage designed spine provide crush protection. Third, BookBook disguises your MacBook Pro from being seen. Safely stowed inside, your MacBook Pro looks like a vintage book left on a desk or table, reducing the odds of someone stealing it.

Will BookBook fit in my computer bag?

A 13" MacBook with BookBook will fit inside a bag made for a 15" MacBook and a 15" MacBook with BookBook will fit inside a 17" bag. The bag should be the next size up from your MacBook.

What is the benefit to keeping my iPad in BookBook?

Chances are, a big part of your life - photos, music, work, school work and other important documents are stored on your iPad. It’s critical to protect it as best you can. BookBook is a hardback case with a leather spine that offers superior protection as you shuttle your iPad from place to place.

Why does BookBook for iPad have two zippers?

Dual zippers allow easy access to any port on iPad while keeping it zipped securely in BookBook. Position the zippers at the bottom of BookBook to charge and sync your iPad, or zip them to the top for easy access to the headphone jack.