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Make room for a big monitor by holding your MacBook vertically, off of your desk, with BookArc. Set MacBook atop BookArc, plug in your favorite external monitor, keyboard & mouse and now you've turned your compact laptop into a comfortable desktop setup. Photo editing, spreadsheets and other projects are easier to see on a bright 24-inch (or bigger) screen while your MacBook runs the show behind the scenes. When it's time to go mobile or head out for a meeting, unplug your desktop connections and the BookArc Cable Catch will keep them in place for you.

Is BookArc compatible with the new 15-inch MacBook Air?
Yes, just select BookArc for MacBook Air from the dropdown menu and Insert I, which adds compatibility for 15-inch MacBook Air, will be added to your cart for free! 

I already have a BookArc. How can I get the newest inserts? 
Update your BookArc with a new insert, available here

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With BookArc, even tiny desks fit a big monitor.

Just look at how effectively BookArc maximizes desk space! Now you can park a big display on the smallest of desks working from home or the office. Resting upright on BookArc, your MacBook can even be tucked behind your monitor, increasing your focus while freeing up even more desk space.

Create a comfortable desktop setup.

It’s hard to beat the portability of a MacBook on an airplane, but you don’t sit in an airplane seat at home. Why wouldn’t you sit in front of a full-size keyboard, mouse and external monitor when you can? BookArc creates room for comfy desktop setups whether you’re in the corner of a small apartment, in your temporary work from home office or atop a small IKEA desk. With BookArc, even a wall shelf becomes a potential desktop!

BookArc Specs

BookArc for MacBook Pro
Dimensions Height: 2.20 inches (5.58 cm)
Width: 3.60 inches (9.14 cm)
Length: 8.46 inches (21.48 cm)
Weight: 0.35 pounds (0.158 kg)
Insert F

13-inch MacBook Air
(Retina, 2020)

16-inch MacBook Pro
(USB-C, 2019-2020)

A2179, A2337


Insert G

16-inch MacBook Pro (M2, 2023)

16-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2021)



Insert H

13-inch MacBook Pro (M2, 2022)

14-inch MacBook Pro (M2, 2023)

14-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2021)

13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)





BookArc for MacBook Air includes all of the above inserts (F, G, and H) in the box. Selecting this option will add Insert I to your cart at no cost. See compatibility below.
Insert I

13-inch MacBook Air (M2/M3)

15-inch MacBook Air (M2/M3)



Don't see your model of MacBook in the compatibility chart? Legacy inserts are available for purchase here. Please note these inserts are only compatible with the current version of BookArc. See FAQs for more information.

BookArc FAQs

Can I buy the BookArc inserts separately?
Are the available inserts compatible with all versions of BookArc?
The inserts are not compatible with the original form-factor of BookArc, BookArc for MacBook Air, or BookArc mod. Original BookArc and BookArc mod came with numbers on the inserts (some combination of 1-7). BookArc for MacBook Air came with a "1A" on the insert.
Ok, now why would I want to use my MacBook closed?
Many reasons, but basically it boils down to wanting a portable notebook on the road, and a comfortable desktop computer at home. Using your MacBook closed on a BookArc while connected to your favorite widescreen monitor, keyboard and mouse is truly the best of both worlds. Check out the video here.
What! I can use my MacBook closed? How do I do that?
Yes, you can. Connect a nice big external monitor, your favorite keyboard & mouse and you’ve essentially turned your MacBook into a space-saving micro tower. Apple calls it “Closed Clamshell Mode”. Read specific instructions directly from the Apple tech support site right here.
Is there a front & back to BookArc? If so, how do I install the insert in the stand?
Yes, there is a front and back to BookArc. To ensure the very best fit with your MacBook, follow the Guide below to install a BookArc Insert in the proper direction:
90 reviews
  • Bill O.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Awesome Quality and Style

    I think this is an amazing stand.

  • Jennifer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    5 Stars

    Simple and nice to look at, laptop feels pretty secure

  • Gordon B.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Like it as much as my first one

    I like it. I have a small problem though. I thought I ordered it with the free insert for the 15” MacBook Air, but it arrived without that insert. Could you please send me one?

  • Milena R.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Love it

    Great design, helping to create room on my desk.

  • Todd A H.
    Verified Buyer
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Beautiful and versatile

    Recommend for the 2021 16” MacBook Pro. It helped cleanup my home workspace.

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