BookBook for MacBook

A most novel idea in MacBook protection.

Meet BookBook, a totally unique case that delivers as much personality as it does protection. Weighing as little as 13.5 ounces, this handmade, genuine leather case offers hardback book covers, reinforced corners and a cushioned spine to absorb outside impacts. The inside of the case is lined with a velvety soft interior to cushion your MacBook open or closed.
  • Handmade, genuine leather case protects MacBook Pro with style
  • Vintage book design disguises MacBook Pro for stealthy security
  • Use as an attached MacBook Pro case or as a slip-in sleeve

"Twelve South has created the most creative and inspiring MacBook case ever. It's no wonder it quickly replaced my boring neoprene sleeve." - Editors Choice, GadgetMac

BookBook for MacBook, Vintage leather case - Twelve South

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BookBook for MacBook Specs

BookBook for 11-inch MacBook

11-inch MacBook 

A1370, A1465

BookBook for MacBook FAQs

Along with a totally unique look, BookBook protects your MacBook in three ways. First, its hardback sides with reinforced corners protect from impacts encountered on your daily commute. Second, the vintage designed spine provide crush protection. Third, BookBook disguises your MacBook Pro from being seen. Safely stowed inside, your MacBook Pro looks like a vintage book left on a desk or table, reducing the odds of someone stealing it.

The fit, function, and protection of the Classic Brown and Rutledge BookBooks are the same. The main difference between the two is the finishing treatment. The leather on the Rutledge BookBook is hand-compressed during the manufacturing process, giving it a thinner feel and a shinier, harder finish which is more resistant to scratching. Additionally, the covers of the Rutledge BookBook have multiple hand-applied and hand-rubbed layers of dye, giving each one a unique, golden-red center which gradually darkens out toward the edges. If you are looking for a softer, more traditional leather finish then the Classic Brown version is the case for you. This leather case will naturally patina over time giving it a vintage look and feel.

Chances are, a big part of your life - photos, music, work and other important documents - is stored on your MacBook Pro. It’s critical to protect it as best you can. BookBook is a hardback case with a leather spine that offers superior protection as you shuttle your 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro from place to place.

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