Our Gift To You: A Change of Scenery

One of the joys of working with more than one Mac is the dual-screen setup. Everyone in our office uses dual screens right now. 

But when you have a gorgeous, seamless horizon like this to work with, it seems silly not to use your background as an art space when you’re not working. So we partnered with photographer Scott Gordon to create some dual-display backgrounds we think you’ll love.


This first collection (we hope to make others) is called Fall in San Francisco. (The season, not the verb.) You can download them here (and you can also use them on a single screen if you like). We’d be remiss not to mention that our favorite way to set up a dual-screen is with your MacBook, on a HiRise, next to your Cinema Display or iMac….our second favorite way is with an iPad, using a HoverBar. You can get all those here.

We’d love to hear what you think of our Dual Display Wallpaper Collection — shoot us a tweet, share on Instagram, or join us on Facebook and share your photos there! (And feel free to share these with your friends, too.)




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