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ParcSlope and Astropad
One of our favorite apps for the iPad Pro is Astropad, the software that turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac. Since the iPad Pro’s launch, we’ve seen illustrators ditching their traditional drawing tablets for more versatile solutions like iPad Pro, Astropad, and ParcSlope. Astropad for iPad Pro has launched today, and our […]

HoverBar is a Tech Trend!

We’re excited whenever our products are spotted in the press, but we’re tickled that Jenna Blaha, Marie Claire’s tech editor, featured HoverBar in her Tech Trends section! Here’s the scoop, directly from the November issue.

“One of the best accessories out there”… iDownloadBlog Reviews HiRise for Apple Watch

We’re always thrilled when our gear is reviewed – especially when the piece is thorough and complete with great photos and insights. Christian Zibreg at iDownloadBlog has reviewed the HiRise for Apple Watch and our review – of his review – is 5-stars! Here are some highlights…


Mashable: “Like your iPhone 6 naked? SurfacePad is for you”

We’re pretty excited about your reaction to our latest SurfacePad. We’re also super honored that Mashable’s Christina Warren likes it (we should note that the camel looks gorgeous on her gold iPhone 6).


Here’s more of what she had to say on Mashable…


Macworld UK: Six Twelve South accessories among their iPad “Favourites”
Macworld UK just made our week. They published a roundup of "17 of the finest iPad accessories" and among those are six made by yours truly, Twelve South! Among their selections: BookBook Rutledge for iPad Air, SurfacePad for iPad Air and mini, Compass 2, BookArc for iPad, HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, and HoverBar!

“Someone has finally made a better case for the iPad mini than Apple”
And that case has come from Twelve South, according to The Verge, which reviews our SurfacePad and calls it "a good-looking and functional alternative to the Smart Cover."

What’s in a Travel Journal? Macgasm Tells All
Writer Joshua Schnell from Macgasm is no stranger to the BookBook line. Trying them out for a review is one thing. But we’d suggest that the true test of whether a case has *really* become a favorite is whether it’s in use at “crunch time” – like when you’re racing for the plane and you grab that […]

Today’s iPhone: Compass 2 “a great refinement on a modern classic”
Today’s iPhone had a look at the newest version of one of their old favorites, our Compass stand for iPad.  The new and improved edition re-aligns the feet for increased stability that now works for all iPads, including iPad mini. “Its design is immediately recognizable,” Today’s iPhone critic Cam Bunton writes, “but some key changes have been […]

Macworld UK: PlugBug World an “essential MacBook/iPhone travel companion”
Still plotting some summertime travel? It’s not too late to get your power tan on…and your MacBook and iPad or iPhone charged rapidly in your hotel room while you sink those lily-white toes into the sand. PlugBug World can do just that, whether you’re sunning on the coast of Portugal, camped out in LAX on […]

RunAroundTech: HiRise for MacBook “awesome innovation”
Looking for a way to get your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air to eye-level for use with a wireless keyboard? Look no further than our HiRise for MacBook. Whether you’re 5 foot 3 or 6 foot 1, HiRise has an adjustment just right for you. More about that from RunAroundTech: “I use my iPad […]

TekRevue: BassJump is an “ear-opening addition”
Wondering how to improve sound quality on your Mac without extra speakers? We’ve got one word for you: BassJump. According to website TekReview, which performed an in-depth analysis of everything from battery life to side-by-side audio samples using BassJump and not, “…the beauty of the BassJump is that it can improve sound quality without the […]

Chip Chick: Travel much? Get your PlugBug World on!
The lovely ladies of women’s lifestyle and tech blog Chip Chick have gone and done it again. They’ve taken a Twelve South product, tested it for themselves, and come back with a “buy” verdict. This one? PlugBug World, which they tested in Spain. Here’s the scoop: “Are you a MacBook owner that travels abroad a […]

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