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#madeforiOS: How to dim your iPhone for night use

We’ve used our iPhones at night and wanted to put sunglasses on – but we’re not Corey Hart. Did you know that staring at a bright screen before bed affects your sleep cycle? Apple is addressing this with an amazing UX feature in the next iOS update – but if you want to use it now, we have a work around for you.


#theTwelve ways to celebrate clean off your desk day!

January 11th is clean off your desk day. So to observe the holiday, we’ve compiled twelve tips, tricks, apps, and products to help you clean off your desk.


HiRise for iPhone, iPad, & Magic Accessories
MadeForMac Tip: Did you know the HiRise for iPhone on your desk can now charge your new Apple MagicKeyboard and MagicTrackpad? Charge them on your HiRise overnight at your desk when the battery gets low and you’ll be fully powered for the day ahead. Have any other tips and tricks for us? Tell us on […]

Nightstand mode tips and tricks
We are so excited for WatchOS 2 – we can’t wait to customize our watch faces with Live Photos and time lapses. In our testing, we found out that HiRise for Apple Watch works with Nightstand mode. We wanted to bring together some of our favorite tips, tricks, and hints for the Apple Watch. How […]

Dual Screen Background Series Collection 2: Scotland Vacation

For the Twelve South team, a vacation is never just a vacation. It’s a time to try out new prototypes on the road, visit far away lands for new inspiration, and for our in-house photographer Steven Jones, a perfect chance to shoot some beautiful new dual-screen desktop backgrounds. 


How to get Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch Right Now

Apple’s developer gala, WWDC, stirred up all sorts of buzz surrounding the second major iteration of watchOS — the software that makes your Apple Watch tick. In particular, Apple plans to add Nightstand Mode, which will allow the Watch to show the current time and an upcoming alarm when it’s sat horizontally and affixed to its charging pad. It’s a lovely idea, but we’re a bit too impatient to wait until fall. And, as it turns out, you don’t have to wait either.


#12Days: 6 Tips for a Photo-Finish Holiday

With the holidays come countless photo opps — so you’ll want to be prepared to manage the tools at hand. In this installment of #12Days, we bring you 6 tips that help you make the most of your iPhone when it comes to photos, courtesy of our friends at iPhoneLife


#12Days: Favorite Apps for your HiRise

People email us all the time to ask which apps are in our photos. Because we’re so very Type A deliberate around here, we should say up front: We don’t feature apps unless we use them. And we are picky, picky, picky.

So in this installment of #12Days, we’d like to share some of our favorite apps with you…that happen to go great with our HiRise. All are available in the App Store, because, well, Apple.


HiRise Deluxe vs. HiRise Original: a Feature Comparison Chart

What’s new with the HiRise Deluxe? Does it make sense to upgrade from my original HiRise? What do I get for the price difference? See this handy comparison chart below for a quick feature comparison, then read the comments and suggestions below for additional thoughts, tips and ideas…

HiRise for iMac creates the perfect Apple USB SuperDrive cradle

We just noticed a great use for our HiRise for iMac (and Cinema Display) on Twitter. It’s the perfect place to hide your Apple USB SuperDrive!


iTip: Buy More RAM

Since we’re Apple-only, people are always asking us for tips to make their Macs run better. Believe it or not, our #1 tip is this: Buy more RAM!

Whether you’re upgrading to a new MacBook Air or moving to a MacBook Pro with Retina, the best add-on choice you can make that will have the biggest possible impact on your experience is to max our your RAM. It seems we’re not alone in this advice.


Will BookArc work with Speck MacBook SeeThru case?
“Will BookArc fit with a Speck SeeThru case on?” may be the number one question we get about the BookArc. The answer is yes – sorta. Here are two popular solutions. You can check these out and decide if these solutions would work for you: Remove bottom part of Speck SeeThru. Just use the top […]

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