We’re Inspired By…This Chaise from Thos Moser


When we think of clean lines and modernism — the likes of which invoke a certain sentimentalism for European architects of the 20s and 30s, such as Charles-Eduouard Jeanneret (aka Le Corbusier) and Alvar Aalto — we lust for this Chaise from hand-made furniture artisans at Thos Moser.

Sure, it’s got lovely lines and beautiful color finish and perhaps the smoothest leather we’ve felt since the loss of a certain Banana Republic black leather jacket we wore in the early 90s. But it’s more than that — to sit in one of these is to be swept away. You can feel your spine relaxing one vertebrae at a time as you settle in…you could just as easily be on a beach somewhere than in a certain Washington, DC showroom of the aforementioned company. Add a drink-of-your-choice and an empty calendar and you might just stay there forever. (Or maybe we should suggest that you add an iPad housed in a nice leather BookBook. But you already do that, don’t you?)

Sure, it’s a chair. But it’s a chair designed to recline without the “thunk” of a Barcolounger — this one reclines with no handles or gadgets…just lean back and gravity takes over. (The company says, “The secret is in the geometry of the pivot, engineered to transfer an adult’s center of gravity from slightly upright to supine in one fluid motion,” and Thos Moser’s inspiration for this was “a contemporary  Italian-made aluminum lawn chair he sat on one afternoon in a friend’s backyard.”)

Like the good people of Thos Moser (who first introduced the Chaise back in 2000), we also find inspiration everywhere. So today we’re sharing a wonder of the seating world with you. You can get your own Chaise here. It’s a little pricey, but then, bliss usually is worth the investment.

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