Latest Apple Store layout includes lots of great Twelve South gear

Have you noticed a simplified new look inside your local Apple Store? Did you know there were so many colors of Apple cases in the world? Apple Stores did go through quite a makeover right before Christmas 2014 — and fortunately many Twelve South products were included in the new layout! Here’s how to find them.

Twelve South products are no longer in every store, but most of the larger Apple Stores still carry many of our favorite Mac and iOS accessories, like HiRise for MacBook, iMac and iPhone, as well as BookArc for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

If you’re looking for Twelve South gear in your local Apple Store, it’s typically found on the last Display Wall on the left, in the back next to the Genius Bar. While you’re there, be sure to tell our partners at Apple Store that Twelve South says “hi!”

Feel free to send us your Twelve South sightings at Apple Stores as well — we’ll enjoy updating this post with your pictures. You can email them to us, info [at] twelve south [dot] com, post them to your instagram mentioning @twelvesouth, or Tweet them to us.

Here are some fresh pictures of Twelve South accessories in the beautiful Apple Store, Palo Alto.

Apple Store, Palo Alto:  Twelve South Compass and HiRise for iPhone/iPad.

Twelve South in Apple Store


Apple Store, Palo Alto – Twelve South HiRise for MacBook, HiRise for iMac, BookArc for MacBook Pro and Air.

Twelve South in Apple Store

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