Reuse and Re-Purpose: Twelve South Packaging

If you take a look inside the manuals for many of our products, you’ll notice a list of ways to reuse the brown gift box from your new Twelve South gear. While we love getting notes from people about how they love their new Twelve South toys, it makes us uniquely happy when we hear of creative ways that people are recycling our packaging. To celebrate Earth Day we’d like to share a few of our favorite ways customers have re-purposed their brown gift boxes.


Twelve South Package Recycling

“I recently received a BookArc as a gift; and after reading through the ideas suggested in the BookArc manual on ways to use the BookArc box I decided to use it for an enclosure for a stereo amplifier I designed. I have attached a couple of photos of the amp. It turned out to be the perfect size and saved me the time/money of making my own enclosure. Thank you for making great products (and product boxes)!”

– Jonathan J

 Twelve South Package Recycling

“Twelve South HiRise box-repurposing challenge accepted. Meet the new herb garden.”

– Spencer S.

Have you repurposed your Twelve South box in a unique way? We’d love to see it! Tweet us at @twelvesouth or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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