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Origins: BookArc’s Cable Catch
BookArc was the first product we released when we started in 2009. BookArc lets you conveniently use your MacBook with a large external monitor, extended keyboard, and mouse, for a more comfortable work setup utilizing a little-known feature called closed-clamshell mode. Working off of a single monitor increases focus, minimizes workspace clutter and even speeds up display […]

2015: Twelve South In Pictures
We’ve worked hard in 2015 to bring you amazing accessories for your Apple devices, including: ParcSlope, BaseLift, HiRise for Apple Watch, and Forté. We also updated some of our first products: BookArc for MacBook was redesigned, BookBook was tailored for new MacBooks, and HiRise Deluxe was the missing piece for #RoseGoldEverything. The best part, however, […]

What we’re giving this year

To give is better than to receive, but thinking of gift ideas is stressful. To help alleviate this stress, we’ve created some great pairs for giving, and came up with some ideas for even the hardest shoppers on your list.

Twelve South donates to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program
On November 6th, we had our first annual sample sale. We had a ton of fun meeting some Twelve South customers in person, and getting product out of our office and into their hands. We donated the proceeds to the Lowcountry’s Angel Tree program to help kids around the Lowcountry celebrate the holidays! Salvation Army […]

HiRise for iPhone, iPad, & Magic Accessories
MadeForMac Tip: Did you know the HiRise for iPhone on your desk can now charge your new Apple MagicKeyboard and MagicTrackpad? Charge them on your HiRise overnight at your desk when the battery gets low and you’ll be fully powered for the day ahead. Have any other tips and tricks for us? Tell us on […]

iPhone 6s Launch Compatibility Update

Your “peek and pop” preview:

– BookBook fits iPhone 6s & 6s Plus like a glove.
– SurfacePad and rose gold look AMAZING – our go-to colors are black and white.
– HiRise, the wonder stand, fits perfectly with whichever case you choose.


Nightstand mode tips and tricks
We are so excited for WatchOS 2 – we can’t wait to customize our watch faces with Live Photos and time lapses. In our testing, we found out that HiRise for Apple Watch works with Nightstand mode. We wanted to bring together some of our favorite tips, tricks, and hints for the Apple Watch. How […]

What we know after the “Hey Siri” Apple Event

As excitement for the Apple Event has ramped up, we’ve been getting more questions about whether or not our products will fit the latest from Cupertino. We try not to listen to rumors, and prefer to hear the news straight from Apple. Thank you for being patient while we waited to hear the specs.
So since the big day has finally happened, here’s what we know now:



BassJump for MacBook: Free Update & $20 Discount
Portable MacBook subwoofer receives software update, money back guarantee, and you can get it for $20 off! Charleston, SC, September 3, 2015 – Twelve South has released a software update for BassJump, their portable subwoofer for Macbook. The software refresh makes the BasJump compatible with every Apple supported OS, including upcoming El Capitan. The BassJump […]

Atlanta Photoshoot

As much as we love our Charleston hometown, sometimes you gotta get away for a while. So we went down to Atlanta to shoot some new product. Those back at Twelve South HQ got some great photos from the set, and wanted to share them. Behind the scenes below the cut – Spoiler Alert!


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Our Dream Desk
Aubrey Johnson, software designer and friend of Twelve South, had his desk featured on Desk Hunt this week. We’re jealous of his set up! (He has pretty good taste with those dueling HiRises.) Get yours here.

Dual Screen Background Series Collection 2: Scotland Vacation

For the Twelve South team, a vacation is never just a vacation. It’s a time to try out new prototypes on the road, visit far away lands for new inspiration, and for our in-house photographer Steven Jones, a perfect chance to shoot some beautiful new dual-screen desktop backgrounds. 


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