We’re Inspired By…This App from SwissMiss/Fictive Kin, called Teux Deux

We think maybe it was marketing sage Seth Godin who first turned us onto SwissMiss and her studiomates in NYC and some of the amazing things they’re creating, finding and sharing. But we’re big fans of their list-maker Teux Deux. Yes, it’s easy to make a list — but not so easy to make a list this gorgeous and also this manageable. And now there’s an iPhone app, at the manageable price of just $2.99.

Doing the things on the list, however? So much harder than it should be.

Get your own gorgeous Teux Deux list going today…and if getting some new swag for your iPad is at the top of your list, may we just say that our Compass complements your design sensibility perfectly?

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